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bushed / изможденный, усталый, растерявшийся
имя прилагательное
haggard, gaunt, bushed, peaky, peaked
tired, forworn, beat, bushed, aweary, done
имя прилагательное
tired out.
after three days of training, the rookies were totally bushed
spread out into a thick clump.
her hair bushed out like a halo
I just tossed and turned all night, and on Monday I was really bushed .
Despite five to seven litres of water per person we are all dried out and completely bushed .
Dirty, cold, and bushed , the TMS trio reconvened in the hotel restaurant.
Thursday afternoon, last sortie of the day and I'm bushed .
But when he's bushed , one eye may turn in toward his nose.
Poker's not my game, anyway, and I'm kind of bushed .
Most of my class are completely bushed by 1pm when lunchtime is over, and it's very difficult to continue to stuff facts down their little ears.
Look, Andy, I'm bushed , so do you think you could grab my suitcase and set it in the den?
Despite getting really bushed after a night's work, Pete decided to clean up the room, especially those scattered glasses from the mirrors.
I worked this weekend, and I'm bushed .