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bush / втулка, куст, кустарник
имя существительное
sleeve, hub, bushing, bush, collar, spigot
bush, shrub, cluster
bush, shrub, scrub, shrubbery, brushwood, boscage
обсаживать кустарником
brush, bush
густо разрастаться
имя существительное
a shrub or clump of shrubs with stems of moderate length.
a rose bush
(especially in Australia, Africa, and Canada) wild or uncultivated country.
they have to spend a night camping in the bush
a luxuriant growth of thick hair or fur.
a childish face with a bush of bright hair
spread out into a thick clump.
her hair bushed out like a halo
He drove the party through the grounds, sometimes over clumps of bush and through shrubbery as he lost the way in his excitement.
Failure of regular vegetation control caused Ocean Way to be partly covered by overgrowth of bush on the sea side of the road, causing a danger to road users.
The country's vegetation varies with trees and thick bush in the south and near-desert conditions in the north.
a childish face with a bush of bright hair
a childish face with a bush of bright hair
Like most country football clubs, deep in the sometimes foreboding bush of Australia, the combatants play hard on and off the field.
The highway then drops down to pass through the Glenhope district and through bush alongside the Hope River to Kawatiri Junction.
‘The silly thing is they have cut the crown of the trees so they won't grow tall but will bush out,’ Mr Kenzler said.
When the bus departed I saw that in the meantime, the old man had been joined by a little boy of very dark complexion, but with a bush of reddish hair.
It is perfectly safe to camp in the bush but you should always ensure that your tent is properly closed when you go to sleep.