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bury / похоронить, хоронить, закапывать
bury, inter, tomb, inearth, plant
bury, earth
put or hide under ground.
he buried the box in the back garden
completely cover; cause to disappear or become inconspicuous.
the countryside has been buried under layers of concrete
But it seems to me that what I am hearing is that, regardless of the details, there is a common thread between moms who have had to bury children.
Jolting along the river-bed-turned-road, I hoped desperately for no rain, realizing that even a shower in Uganda could bury us in mud.
he ran through to bury a right-foot shot inside the near post
He needed to forget about Elizabeth and bury the love he still felt for her in a grave someplace.
What seemed like it would bury him actually helped him.
There's wide applause from around the room, and I realize that this group hasn't come to praise Copps for her principles, but to bury her.
All he has ever done is bury his opponents and kill all of their heat.
Billy goes home and prepares a box to bury Old Dan in.
Is that really where we want to bury the American Dream?
losses that would bury multiple businesses