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bursary / стипендия, канцелярия казначея
имя существительное
scholarship, grants, grant, stipend, award, bursary
канцелярия казначея
имя существительное
a scholarship to attend a college or university.
And regardless of financial plight, many schools award bursaries or grants to the children of parents employed in the armed forces or clergy, or as teachers.
the treasury of an institution, especially a religious one.
My grant cheque arrived on time at the college bursary .
Last year, Patricia McMahon, who attended St Patrick s Community College, was awarded the bursary .
The winner received a bursary to enable the study in Rome for three years of the best examples of Antique and Renaissance art while lodging at the French Academy there.
Tessier has been studying religion at Saint Paul University in Ottawa and received a bursary to study English.
Warwick University has been running a similar scheme since last year and last week Oxford University announced a bursary scheme for students from poorer backgrounds worth up to £2,000 over three years.
My grant cheque arrived on time at the college bursary .
Students can also get bursaries from English universities to help to cover the cost.
He also insisted there was scope to look at more ways of helping students from poorer backgrounds through bursaries offered by universities.
Towards the end of this year, the Law Society of Namibia will again be looking for candidates to award bursaries for the study of law.
Study in America is open to anyone with five GCSEs at Grade C or above and many universities offer substantial bursaries to those unable to pay the full fees.
With student loans, grants and bursaries , they pay for their college education.