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bursar / казначей, стипендиат
имя существительное
treasurer, paymaster, bursar, purser, questor, purse-bearer
scholar, exhibitioner, holder of a fellowship, bursar, foundationer
имя существительное
a person who manages the financial affairs of a college or university.
Conspiracy theories have been fuelled by evidence that the committee of college bursars has commissioned a report into rent levels but has refused to make its findings public.
a student attending a college or university on a scholarship.
That programme has supported 463 students over 5 years, with bursars achieving an 80 to 95 percent pass rate.
Under this practice, the college bursar was compelled to hand out as much money as students might request at the beginning of the semester.
The Bank awards £1,000 for each year of a bursar 's degree programme.
Under such status, the school recruits its own staff, administers its own finances, employs its own bursar , and makes decisions through the governing body on many major matters.
Earlier, colleagues at the university paid tribute to Mr Nicholson who worked as a bursar for three colleges over 24 years.
Soon she has landed a job as assistant bursar , displaying a winning way with investments, and manages to get Jake enrolled in the college by exaggerating his rowing prowess.
In support of this contention, he quoted a memorandum dated 10 November, from the then bursar of the college which specified that a 50% council tax discount might be granted on houses owned elsewhere by members of the staff.
Over the years he had held several appointments in the College, bursar since 1986, registrar since 1989 and vice president since.
Every person working in a school has their part to play in raising standards, whether they are a classroom assistant or a teacher, a bursar or a dinner lady.
Traditionally, student loan checks are mailed to the university, and the student goes to the financial aid or bursar 's office to endorse the check.
Most have their own board of governors and a bursar who is responsible for the school's finances.