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burro / ослик
имя существительное
burro, neddy
имя существительное
a small donkey used as a pack animal.
What if we returned not just mustangs and burros but also elephants and lions to our continent's wilds?
Here is a reference book for those who can't tell an ass from a burro .
Having a weak team represent the league would be like sending a burro to race against thoroughbreds.
If a burro's body doesn't decode its genes correctly the burro 's body can't survive: it will get cancer or starve to death or become paralysed.
Excess numbers of horses and burros pose a threat to wildlife, livestock, the improvement of range conditions, and ultimately their own survival.
The Free-Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act states, ‘It is the policy of Congress that wild, free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death.’
Others certainly consider the Swell - with its scenic geology, archaeological sites, wild horses, burros , and Utah's largest herd of desert bighorn sheep - a special place.
Interestingly, proceeds from the sale of the wild horses and burros will go to the Interior Department's Bureau of Land Management wild horse and burro adoption program.
You need to get the vet out to examine the burros .
Stay with horses and burros , whose emissions are purely organic (although toxic).
For years burros and horse-or mule-drawn wagons followed this winding route to the mines; now passengers in four-wheel-drive vehicles simply turn their knuckles white.