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burp / отрыжка, рыгание
имя существительное
eructation, burp, belch, brash
burp, belch, retch, keck, eructate, eruct
noisily release air from the stomach through the mouth; belch.
She paused to swallow noisily, burped , and then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.
имя существительное
a noise made by air released from the stomach through the mouth; a belch.
I quickly sat up starting a combination of burps and breath holding to get rid of the pesky hiccups I'd gotten.
So why should human dads stick around and burp a baby?
Wiping his mouth and letting out a rich burp , he snatched up the silver and bundled it roughly into the pocket of his jerkin, glancing around suspiciously as he did so.
I close my mouth as I burp and then ask for a glass of water.
I spent the rest of the day learning how to change diapers, burp a baby, and feed a baby.
It may carry the whiff of a stale burp , rather than a breath of fresh air, but it's a guilty pleasure, nonetheless.
An earthshaking burp roared from the dog's mouth, and the breath alone gave Ruth the shock of her life.
A few seconds later, when the burp sounded again, he ignored it, finished his lunch, and went back to his room.
Before I can even lift him to my shoulder for a burp , he offers a sour-milky - scented belch and smiles, his eyes still half shut.
A quiet burp escaping her throat for the second time in as many minutes, Wendy placed a paw over her mouth and glanced up at him.
I drank the acidic, carbonated beverage and it compounded small gas bubbles in my throat that made me burp inside my mouth.