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burner / горелка, конфорка, форсунка
имя существительное
burner, torch, gas-jet
burner, ring
nozzle, injector, atomizer, jet, burner, sprayer
имя существительное
a thing that burns something or is burned, in particular.
Though the USA remains the number one fuel burner .
The older woman quickly turned put the pan back on the burner and shut the flame off.
We replaced this with a war surplus, gasoline burner , field-type, autoclave for approximately $45.
Bending at the waist, she peers beneath the pot, adjusting the burner 's blue flame.
The main burner can produce 13,500 BTUs, and the smaller auxiliary burner generates 11,000 BTUs.
This would also be a small test on the drive's ability to read a data CD burned from another burner .
He had put a wire gauze on top of the burner before turning the gas on.
I found a 32x (!) burner for less than $80, installed it, and tested it.
By the same token, even an 8x DVD burner cannot match the burn speeds of dedicated CD burners.
The four burner plus grill cook top does not have the usual downdraft exhaust fan for eliminating food odors.
Mismatched mirrors on opposite walls reflected one another, and a coffee maker burned coffee on its burner .