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burn / ожог, выжигание растительности, клеймо
имя существительное
burn, scorch, scald, singe, sting, sear
выжигание растительности
brand, stamp, mark, seal, trademark, burn
burn, incinerate, combust, burn up, burn out, burn away
burn, glow, broil, flame, combust, blaze
burn, sting, parch, grill, smart, bite
имя существительное
an injury caused by exposure to heat or flame.
he was treated in the hospital for burns to his hands
consumption of a type of fuel as an energy source.
natural gas produces the cleanest burn of the lot
an act of clearing vegetation by burning, intentionally or by accident.
In the period prior to the bush fire danger period, landholders are still responsible for any burning activity including pile burns or broad acre burns .
a hot, painful sensation in the muscles experienced as a result of sustained vigorous exercise.
work up a burn
a small stream; a brook.
Make sure you are casting where saltwater meets the fresh of a burn , stream or river.
(of a fire) flame or glow while consuming a material such as coal or wood.
a fire burned and crackled cheerfully in the grate
(of a person, the skin, or a part of the body) become red and painful through exposure to the sun.
my skin tans easily but sometimes burns
use (a type of fuel) as a source of heat or energy.
a diesel engine converted to burn natural gas
produce (a compact disc or DVD) by copying from an original or master copy.
You can purchase and download hardware and software MPEG Encoders to burn a DVD.
drive very fast.
he burned past us like a maniac
One use for negotiations, of course, would be to gain time to launder your money, burn the files, destroy the evidence etc…
To get a good idea of our fuel burn , we used the fleet numerical's great optimal-path-aircraft-routing program.
The Lawers Burn issues from the lochan and legend has it that an outlawed Macgregor once hid in a cave behind a waterfall of the burn .
They came to a house close by a waterfalling burn , turned now to a frozen fountain.
This exercise is going to ignite a deep burn in all your back muscles.
It also asserts that the fuel burn is 21-22 per cent lower per seat for the longer-range 777s.
It's a great way to burn calories as well as toning arms and legs.
The burn executed nominally and was within about 0.4% of the expected design of the burn .
Camino-Ramos explained that the third burn , underway for most of last week, would bring the craft within capture distance of the Moon.
The US Delta launch vehicle upper stage now performs such a burn to depletion.