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burly / дородный, плотный, крепкий
имя прилагательное
burly, stout, portly, corpulent, full, obese
dense, tight, thick, solid, close, burly
strong, hard, sturdy, solid, fast, burly
имя прилагательное
(of a person) large and strong; heavily built.
In the next-door compound, a burly man was whacking a skinny boy with a thick stick.
I sat cramped next to a burly fellow who obviously had a lot of faith in the medicinal qualities of garlic.
Julian was watching a burly man with beard and sunburn make his way across the lobby.
The burly man stared at him and took his arm, leading the young man across the street.
The burly men with biceps will be competing in the grand final in a series of face-to-face bouts.
He is a tall, burly man in his early 40s, with cropped hair, a friendly grin and a firm handshake.
There were four burly men at the table, miners by the look of them, men who delved in the earth.
The singer Donovan turned up with his friend, a burly bloke called Gypsy.
A large burly man was carrying a large rifle, his sword hanging by his waist, motioning to his men.
I could only grunt in response, as by that stage his two burly assistants had bundled me in to a chair and strapped me down.
At one point down York Street I saw a rugby ball fly over the road and some burly blokes by the Hook Line and Sinker tried to push a bus.