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burlap / джутовая мешочная ткань, пеньковая мешочная ткань
имя существительное
джутовая мешочная ткань
пеньковая мешочная ткань
имя существительное
coarse canvas woven from jute, hemp, or a similar fiber, used especially for sacking.
Her large installation consisted of 16 columns made of various fabrics, including canvas, jute and burlap , the edges of which were charred and the expanses of which were often painted.
If applied and rubbed with a cloth, usually burlap , while still soft, the pores fill and the varnish goes on smoothly.
We'd bring our apples in burlap sacks, whatever we had, Macs, Baldwins, Spies, some Russets if we were lucky, some wild apples for pungency from the woods and hedgerows.
a burlap shirt
Lisa's models wear: crop-jacket pant suit; skirt suit in burlap with her signature raffia handwork, her homage to Bahamian straw basket makers.
Nick walked past with a heavy burlap sack over his shoulder.
Others, like burlap or grass cloth, are very hard to clean when stained.
Upholstered burlap panels have been strategically used as a soft counterpoint.
If you decide to keep them in the ground outside, sink four stakes in a square shape around each stem, then wrap burlap or another thick material around the stakes.
Grab an orange shirt, green pants, hiking shoes, burlap fabric, and two pairs of green tights.
Celine has hand-sewn lace onto leather, while American brand BCBG Max Azria adapts the current mania for ponyhair by doing patches of it on burlap , instead of all-over ponyhair pieces.