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burial / захоронение, похороны
имя существительное
burial, burial place
funeral, burial, obsequies, exequies
имя существительное
the action or practice of interring a dead body.
his remains were shipped home for burial
It is a known fact that most of the primitive religious take their rites and practices from the burial of their dead.
It is generally acknowledged that the Indo-Iranians followed the practice of burial .
Nor was he an atheist intent on overthrowing the Catholic Church: his final efforts to get a Christian burial led to a bizarre funeral.
Instead, Creon is guilty of a religious sin by denying burial to a dead man's body.
The thought that his body would lie where it had fallen without a proper burial was more than she could bear.
That is why they had been reluctant to give their adulterous sister a proper burial .
burial rites
No postmortem was ordered, and the dead woman's body was returned for burial before toxicology tests had been completed.
Carved on the stonework are the names of the 73,077 men who were denied the honour of a proper burial .
I wish to have a proper burial , but he told me that my husband's body was not found.