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burgundy / Бургундия, красное бургундское вино
имя существительное
красное бургундское вино
имя существительное
a wine from Burgundy (usually taken to be red unless otherwise specified).
a glass of Burgundy
имя существительное
a region and former duchy of eastern central France, the center of which is Dijon. The region is noted for its wine.
This winter, chiffon dresses and smart coats in red, burgundy , pink and purple play the leading role in the collection.
During the attack the woman's burgundy shoulder bag containing personal items of no real value was stolen.
Red burgundy is a risk because you seldom know if it will meet your expectations.
burgundy leather
As summer turns into autumn, colour in your garden can be transformed into a sea of amber, orange, red and burgundy , if you choose the right plants.
warm shades of brown and burgundy
It is now quite normal to see beautiful, healthy dark Chinese hair streaked with red, orange and burgundy .
warm shades of brown and burgundy
Somerfield's own-label red burgundy used to be horrid, but the past few vintages have been full of elegant, smoky, plummy fruit.
Dark reds like burgundy and maroon appeal to moderate income groups.