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burglary / кража со взломом, ограбление, ночная кража со взломом
имя существительное
кража со взломом
robbery, loot, burglary, heist, pillage, hijacking
ночная кража со взломом
имя существительное
entry into a building illegally with intent to commit a crime, especially theft.
a two-year sentence for burglary
Apart from the burglary figures, crime as a whole was on the decrease, according to Insp Jones.
a two-year sentence for burglary
A while ago I found out that they'd caught the guy who committed the burglary on my flat at the end of last year.
Five months later, she cashed two other benefit books after they were stolen in a burglary .
As a result he will urge that crime prevention is focused on routine crimes such as theft and burglary .
Arrests were made for a variety of offences including burglary , theft and public order.
a two-year sentence for burglary
He also pleaded guilty to another two counts of burglary and an attempted burglary .
The number of burglaries , thefts from cars and violent crimes dropped in the Western Bay.
Police say all the property has been stolen in either burglaries or robberies.