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burglarize / совершать кражу со взломом
совершать кражу со взломом
burglarize, housebreak, burgle
enter (a building) illegally with intent to commit a crime, especially theft.
our summer house has been burglarized
Honestly, what kind of dunce criminal would decide to not burglarize some place just because the radio is on and playing some light jazz?
They then proceeded to burglarize the adjacent apartment, carrying their spoils back through the wall.
Criminals seldom travel far to find homes to burglarize , and violent crimes tend to be committed against friends and family members.
He walked into the bedroom and discovered it was being burglarized .
You've heard all the stories about homes being burglarized , cleaned out while the owners were away.
If you catch someone burglarizing your home, it's not legal for you to follow her home and shoot her.
Were you present the night the store was burglarized ?
After all, if committing murder in D.C. or burglarizing apartments in San Francisco meant losing one's freedom, there'd be far fewer killers and burglars.
Did you know that many of the homes that have been burglarized didn't have their security systems turned on?
Another's truck was burglarized and the stolen handgun was used to wound a 7-year-old.