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burglar / грабитель, взломщик, вор
имя существительное
robber, burglar, mugger, plunderer, looter, snatcher
burglar, housebreaker, breaker, cracksman, picklock, yegg
thief, burglar, prowler, drummer, gunsmith, hook
имя существительное
a person who commits burglary.
A pioneering scheme to gate off alleys to burglars and thieves could be on its way to parts of central York.
Two policemen, chasing a burglar on foot, left their car open and his accomplice stole it.
But to the victim of burglary the motivation of the burglar may well be of secondary interest.
It is like making someone who has had their house burgled pay to keep the burglar in jail!
If you think you have the right to assault a burglar, the burglar himself has a right of self-defence!
It was the second time in three months that a member of the public had foiled the habitual burglar 's crimes.
He said she refused to accept her son had killed his wife and still believed the couple had been murdered by burglars .
Officers were able to recover a laptop stolen from the car from the suspect as well as a screwdriver used by him as a burglarious tool.
Robbers, burglars and drugs dealers will be first to fall under the spotlight, they said.
Instead he neglected his duty and the burglars got away with those crimes.
The trial court sentenced Latimer to ten years for the burglary and two years for the possession of burglarious tools.