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burgess / гражданин города, житель города, член парламента
имя существительное
гражданин города
житель города
член парламента
Member of Parliament, marginal member of parliament, burgess
имя существительное
a person with municipal authority or privileges, in particular.
No resident burgess is in anger to call a bailiff or wardemen by any name such as thief, knave, backbiter, whoreson, false, foresworn, cuckold, or bawd.
If one burgess had a complaint against another, he was expected to bring it before the town court, not to resort to any external legal authority.
As a burgess , "Loudoun" Lee served on committees dealing with "Propositions and Grievances," "encouraging Arts and Manufactures" and "Privileges and Elections."
He became a burgess , and supported the government during Bacon's Rebellion.
More than 260 townspeople now belong to the institution and there are four grades; commoner, landholder, assistant burgess and capital burgess .
These include the most commonly studied groups: the executive (mayors and bailiffs) and parliamentary burgesses .
This new borough was also endowed with land, the income from which was used to pay the salaries of two burgesses at parliament.
Bacon won election to the burgesses , Virginia's upper house, but was arrested when he tried to take his seat.
This created a form of town council (the corporation), made up of aldermen and chief burgesses , headed by a high bailiff.
The Return of the Names of Every Member… is the basic source for lists of parliamentary burgesses .