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burger / бутерброд, булочка, разрезанная вдоль
имя существительное
sandwich, burger, bread and butter, butty, wad, dodger
булочка, разрезанная вдоль
имя существительное
a particular variation of a hamburger with additional or substitute ingredients.
a veggie burger
I know I can't be the only person in American whose had a Boca burger and a steak in the same week.
a nut burger
He takes his diet seriously, but not too seriously to enjoy the odd burger or piece of fried chicken.
After a pretty awful fish burger from the canteen, the show went fairly well.
a veggie burger
Eventually, I order a red peas soup as appetizer and a chicken burger with salad and fries.
Be it a burger , a steak or roast pork, the taste is so much better than any vegetable can produce.
If the aloo tikki burger is a hit at McDonalds, none of the others are far behind.
After a quick perusal of the pantry and the fridge, Dawn decided on turkey burger and fries.
Place two onion rings on top, then the burger , then the cranberry sauce and remaining bread.