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burgeon / распускаться, давать почки, давать ростки
blossom, burgeon, unfold, expand, come into leaf, bourgeon
давать почки
bud, burgeon, bourgeon, gemmate, germinate
давать ростки
push out, germinate, germ, bourgeon, burgeon, spring
имя существительное
bud, button, burgeon, bourgeon
bud, kidney, gemma, bourgeon, burgeon
sprout, shoot, sprig, spire, chit, burgeon
begin to grow or increase rapidly; flourish.
manufacturers are keen to cash in on the burgeoning demand
Meanwhile the number of sixty-five-and-older people will burgeon , it will grow almost 55 percent.
The Vietnam anti-war movement began to burgeon in 1965.
Burbank studied life at its fountain head - in the marvelous little buds and shoots and leaves that burgeon forth each spring to fill us anew with the awe for nature.
His performance is burgeoning with awkwardness and extreme fear, conveyed in nuance and physical appearance.
Over the years, as the publishing world has burgeoned , and the reading public swelled, Premier Bookshop unfortunately remained the same size.
A plant burgeons , flowers and dies; it does not come back to life, grow younger and regress to the original seed.
Central Park is rife with robins, great with grackles, and burgeoning with blue jays.
Zolo's initial interest burgeoned into a national project to support the voyage, involving the Venetian council, the Italian Naval College, and the Earl Henry St Clair Society in Canada.
It seems that their main concerns lie in further expanding the already burgeoning US defence budget.
The global market for malt products is growing rapidly because of beer's burgeoning popularity in developing markets.