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burg / острог, город
имя существительное
prison, burg
city, town, place, borough, burg
имя существительное
an ancient or medieval fortress or walled town.
Archeologists & geologists now believe the ancient burgs of Sodom & Gomorrah were destroyed by earthquake-induced fires - and not, as science has long held, by the wrath of an angry god.
As the sun glanced through my window, I realized my sense of well-being is definitely engendered by the presence of 3 Rogers and Hammerstein productions in our fair burg .
‘Condit Country’ is a bad enough slogan for this agribusiness burg , yet, not satisfied with it, the city boosters have also erected an arch across the main street.
For the trouble of saving your life, he sets you up in an abandoned warehouse in a seedy burg known as Carcer City.
Deriding the little burg as ‘Lobster Town’ or calling someone an idiot is as rebellious as anyone gets.
Apparently, folks from the local dirt farms are disappearing, and the brackish burg has already seen its quota of alien abductions for the year.
He was a jet plane touching down in every city and burg from here to Harrisburg, carrying the message of the greatness of Napa Valley wine.
You hear quickly that Gordon, born in California and now a citizen of the world, remembers fondly the place where he grew up - Pittsboro, a small burg just west of Indianapolis.
In a bizarre and questionably legal move prior to the city's mega-merger, a bunch of outgoing Côte-St-Luc city councillors bade adieu to their burg by naming their city's parks after themselves.
Kate looked once more at the dead soldiers, at the burg wall beyond, and sorrowfully turned to follow.
How do you rustle up some fast cash for your troubled burg ?