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bureaucrat / бюрократ, чинуша
имя существительное
bureaucrat, penpusher
имя существительное
an official in a government department, in particular one perceived as being concerned with procedural correctness at the expense of people's needs.
For a relatively low-level bureaucrat , he maintained remarkable access to the President.
If found guilty, the state's top bureaucrat will face imprisonment up to three months.
We can't allow some government bureaucrat to label you an unlawful combatant, and thereby keep you in custody indefinitely.
In such systems, the role of the party man or woman in government has been largely indistinguishable from that of obedient bureaucrat .
If the Conservatives vow to crack down on those milking the taxpayer for their lifestyle, whether bureaucrat or welfare king/queen, it will have wide appeal.
If you're a complacent state sector bureaucrat , enjoying your job stability and looking forward to your lush pension, it's time to start worrying.
Secondly, the issue of asylum seekers is far too serious an issue to some of us to be fast-tracked by some bureaucrat .
Would he have some state bureaucrat decide which birth defect is economical to fix and which one should spell an immediate death sentence?
But a senior health bureaucrat has contradicted that, saying he had briefed the Health Minister earlier.
Even now I don't understand how this Communist bureaucrat came to this view.
Almost every influential politician and bureaucrat used this scam.