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bureaucracy / бюрократия, бюрократизм
имя существительное
bureaucracy, red tape, bureaucratism, tape, officialism, officialdom
имя существительное
a system of government in which most of the important decisions are made by state officials rather than by elected representatives.
It also reduces the links between social democracy and overbearing bureaucracy .
In Germany, a genocidal society was working with state bureaucracy to roll out the massive program of the Holocaust.
In other words, they must know how to motivate the bureaucracy through personal contacts, wining and dining, and red envelopes.
More than 3,600 staff will be given the chance to influence the way the trust is run by pointing out the unnecessary rules, paperwork and bureaucracy which slow them down.
The foreign policy bureaucracy , not elected of course, plays a subordinate, non-political, essentially instrumental role.
It is not Treaty settlement legislation but welfarism and bureaucracy , and it needs substantial amendment.
There is no overbearing bureaucracy or complicated rules.
The Stalinist bureaucracy has proven to be - as Trotsky predicted - the gravedigger of the October Revolution.
the unnecessary bureaucracy in local government
He and six other members of the eight-man Soviet delegation, including Bukharin who led it, died at the hands of the Stalinist bureaucracy .
Many things in India are complex because of massive bureaucracy , protocol and procedure.