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bureau / бюро, контора, управление
имя существительное
bureau, office, pool, secretaire
office, bureau, counting house, counting room
control, management, administration, governance, operation, bureau
имя существительное
a chest of drawers.
The rest of the furniture - the bureau , the night tables and the chairs - were all the same style.
an office or department for transacting particular business.
a news bureau
It was of average size with an unmade bed sitting in one corner, a night table, two dressers, a bureau , a desk, a small TV, and a lot of posters on the wall.
There was nowhere it might be stored - the bureau drawers were too small.
Cleaned, lightly oiled, fully loaded and carefully wrapped in an oiled cloth, it was kept in a bureau drawer as a home defense weapon.
The next morning, the soldiers gave him a room with a bed, a bureau , a desk and a window that looked out on a forest.
Gillian Cruddas, of York Tourism Bureau, said the bureau had received complaints about the state of the toilets and stressed that a visit to a public toilet formed a very important part of the visitor experience.
On the same day that Tenet resigned, the FBI proposed creation of a separate intelligence division inside the bureau .
Clear out a bureau drawer or two and place a welcoming lightly scented sachet inside, with a few protective sheets of tissue to line.
Attack those piles of paper, your desk, your closet and your bureau .
Flood et al studied 580 children or adolescents with diabetes and compared maternal age at delivery with data from a census bureau .
She said nothing because she was stooped over a pile of clothes on her desk, waiting to be put back in her bureau .