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burden / бремя, нагрузка, груз
имя существительное
burden, drag, weight, onus, load, charge
load, burden, loading, strain, capacity, weight
cargo, goods, load, freight, loading, burden
burden, encumber, charge, load, saddle, embarrass
burden, weigh down, overburden, weight, load, weight down
load, burden, weight, pile, charge, heap
имя существительное
a load, especially a heavy one.
And laying my heavy burden in the safe hands of the luggage compartment I went to my seat and was given rest.
the main theme or gist of a speech, book, or argument.
the burden of his views
load heavily.
she walked forward burdened with a wooden box
The Court of Appeal in Wilson was surely right to declare that the burden of finding strong arguments should lie on those who wish to criminalize consensual conduct, not on those who wish it to be lawful.
Some people find it easier to talk to an anonymous stranger about their worries and fears than to burden a family member or friend.
But the burden for achieving national unity is on a president who could manage a narrow victory only by savagely trashing his opponent.
Your other children, in particular, may try to deal with their pain alone so as not to burden you with additional worries.
The Tories, most likely to have the main burden of opposition, look at least as unprepared for that responsibility as they appear to be for taking over government.
The Treasury also claims that it is difficult to measure the burden of indirect taxes on different types of households, adding that no reliable figures are available!
Since Nasser's Suez grab the Egyptian frontier has been relatively quiet; the main burden of daily harassment has passed to Jordan.
Expectation can be a heavy burden to carry - but the weight of no expectation is greater still.
He did not simply confess their sin - he felt its burden with deep distress.
Should the burden of responsibility for public safety be shoved on to a single developer?