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bur / колючка, репейник, репей
имя существительное
thorn, barb, bur, prickle, spine, burr
agrimony, bur, burr
burr, bur
spike, thorn, tenon, spine, tongue, bur
ворсовальная шишка
teasel, teazle, bur, burr
имя существительное
a prickly seed case or flower head that clings to animals and clothes.
He worked to make a synthetic material that duplicated the burs clinging to his wool socks.
denoting wood containing knots or other growths that show a pattern of dense swirls in the grain when sawn, used for veneers and other decorative woodwork.
bur walnut
Because the giant bur cannot attach to the slender limbs of deer, pronghorn, and peccaries, the plant's range probably diminished after the extinction of the large Pleistocene mammals.
The most common shrubs are creosote bush, ocotillo, and bur sage.
The hands are mounted on a bur walnut finish and sits on a gold plated bronze base.
bur walnut
The use of woods is exquisite with walnut, ash, bur walnut and bur sycamore.
Burros have eliminated bur sage from thousands of hectares of range near Lake Mead by repeated heavy browsing.
The top has a brass gallery above a striking bur walnut rectangular moulded top with satinwood banding.
Connecticut has seven species of bur -reed, all rather similar in appearance and distinguished by technical characteristics.
Ferns brushed her ankles and burs snagged her skirt as she stumbled along compulsively.
Before moving on to the next step, check each screw and make sure there aren't any burs sticking out that will catch on any and every type of cloth and sling you're wearing.