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buoyant / плавучий, жизнерадостный, оживленный
имя прилагательное
floating, buoyant, floaty, floatable, natant
resilient, sanguine, buoyant, debonair, blithe, bouncy
lively, busy, animated, brisk, vivacious, buoyant
cheerful, peppy, buoyant, fresh, cheery, chipper
bull, buoyant
имя прилагательное
able or apt to stay afloat or rise to the top of a liquid or gas.
The most buoyant body parts rise first, leaving the head and limbs to drag behind the chest and abdomen.
cheerful and optimistic.
the conference ended with the party in a buoyant mood
(of an economy, business, or market) involving or engaged in much activity.
car sales were not buoyant
As they collect, the raisin becomes increasingly buoyant until it finally rises to the surface of the soda.
The central bank warned earlier this year that a sudden end to the country's property boom posed one of the most serious risks to the country's buoyant economy and jobs market.
The American economy is amazingly buoyant , amazingly strong.
Liberal Democrats were in buoyant mood this week, leaner, hungrier and more convinced than ever that their party's long history of false dawns could soon be over.
As H2O builds up, density and viscosity decrease to a stage where the magma may again be sufficiently buoyant and mobile to rise further.
The market is very buoyant ; all this activity appears to suggest that it is a good time to sell and a good time to buy.
It is hard enough to imagine the size of whales, and they live today and in the buoyant water.
The Animal Freeing Bridge, Knowledge and Plant Garden, Stone-plate Street, deep lanes, and buoyant boats combine to offer a poetic and harmonious visitor experience.
I returned from Southern California Tuesday evening in a buoyant mood, sated in the senses after two weeks amongst three small grandboys and one teenaged granddaughter.
It was raining heavily but the mood was buoyant and positive.