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bunting / овсянка, лапочка, флаги
имя существительное
oatmeal, bunting, grits
имя прилагательное
crummy, bunting
имя существительное
an Old World seed-eating songbird related to the finches, typically with brown streaked plumage and a boldly marked head.
Longspurs, buntings , towhees and seedeaters are the groups within Emberizidae that most often show sexual dimorphism.
a small New World songbird of the cardinal subfamily, the male of which is brightly colored.
This area is a haven in the fall for all sorts of birds, including blue grosbeaks, indigo buntings and an array of sparrows.
flags and other colorful festive decorations.
Club colours and banners bristled from every corner as bunting and flags adorned the spectators and the ground alike.
(of a batter) gently tap (a pitched ball) without swinging in an attempt to make it more difficult to field.
the batter tried to bunt the ball down the first baseline
(of a person or animal) butt with the head or horns.
he bunted her with his head
Decked with flags and bunting it arrived in the port to a local welcome, the type of bigger, safer fishing boat that would seem to be the future of the fishing industry.
He thanked all those who had decorated their premises with flags and bunting , and had a special word of praise for the residents of McHale Road for entering into the spirit of the parade.
Residents along the route are asked in this Millennium Year to decorate their households by flying flags, bunting , etc.
Boldly striped and lettered in red and green, the bunting is passed forward from hand to hand over the waving arms of a cheering crowd and, quickly gathered, disappears.
The school was decked in flags and bunting on Monday morning last to celebrate the winning team's victory.
On festive occasions the streets fluttered with red, white, and blue bunting , the colours of the tricolour flag adopted by the French Nation in 1789.
The couple drew their curtains yesterday morning to find well-wishers had strung red, white and blue bunting from five trees on the green opposite their home.
The entrance to Bombay's Birla Matushree Auditorium is festooned with blue and red bunting .
WHEN 19-year-old swimmer Doris Storey returned home from the Empire Games with two gold medals they put the bunting up in Leeds and thousands lined the streets to welcome her home.
And then this guy looks me square in the eye as he peels the red, white and blue bunting off the railing in front of us in Section 250 at Busch Stadium.