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bunker / бункер, убежище, угольная яма
имя существительное
hopper, bunker, bin, pocket, batcher, hutch
asylum, refuge, shelter, haven, sanctuary, bunker
угольная яма
silage, silo, ensilage, bunker
угольный ящик
имя прилагательное
попасть в лунку
load, freight, bunker, embark, lade
load, load up, bunker
загнать в лунку
hole, bunker
имя существительное
a large container or compartment for storing fuel.
a coal bunker
a reinforced underground shelter, typically for use in wartime.
Major islands in the group remain heavily fortified with most soldiers hiding in underground concrete bunkers that snake for miles underneath the surface.
a hollow filled with sand, used as an obstacle on a golf course.
Sand bunkers are a growing concern for golf course superintendents, right along with the conditions of greens.
fuel (a ship).
The boat was fully provisioned and bunkered with fuel, food and water as per normal for a fishing trip which might last up to ten days.
(of a player) have one's ball lodged in a bunker.
he was bunkered at the fifth hole
Once he bet that while helping bunker a ship in the harbour he could dive and swim to shore.
Some players have trouble hitting the sand behind a ball in the bunker because they focus too much on the ball itself.
a coal bunker
I could see a trough bunker guarding the left side of the fairway, a horrible finishing spot for the more popular draw.
Vonnegut was a German prisoner of war in Dresden and in an underground bunker during the bombing.
It is essentially a 747 jet engine that is bolted down on a stand and requires its own storage bunker of fuel at Napier wharf to supply it.
They had both suffered a single gunshot wound to the chest and their bodies were found between the side of the house and a fuel bunker .
However, as long as Hitler had not been properly defeated and was still holding out in his bunker in Berlin, these disagreements were mostly successfully contained.
The result of this is that the sand is not moved out of the bunker and therefore the ball will stay in the bunker too!
After lunch, both Hitler and Eva Hitler (as she wanted to be called) met his inner circle in the ante-room chamber of the bunker .