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bunk / койка, трескучие фразы, болтовня
имя существительное
bunk, berth, kip, pallet, sack, doss
трескучие фразы
bunk, buncombe, bunkum
chatter, talk, gossip, babble, twaddle, bunk
escape, flight, getaway, stampede, evasion, bunk
спать на койке
ложиться спать
go to bed, retire, retire for the night, retire to bed, go to rest, bunk
get away, scoot, decamp, bolt, run off, bunk
run away, escape, run, run off, skidoo, bunk
disappear, pass away, vanish, go, lose, bunk
имя существительное
a narrow shelflike bed, typically one of two or more arranged one on top of the other.
Some of the crew went off-shift, stringing up hybrid bunks and hammocks belowdecks, the others continued working.
anyone with a brain cell would never believe such bunk
sleep in a narrow berth or improvised bed, typically in shared quarters as a temporary arrangement.
they bunk together in the dormitory
We like to believe that history is bunk because we don't like being bound by it.
they bunk together in the dormitory
anyone with a brain cell would never believe such bunk
In a democracy, this sort of offensive bunk needs to be tolerated.
anyone with a brain cell would never believe such bunk
And I still have no idea whether it's total bunk or not.
The theory that this drifter that's living in his car sneaks in - and this garage door theory, I think is a bunch of bunk .
That he believes his own bunk is the best joke of all.
In an often-quoted remark, Henry Ford, the great captain of industry, said, ‘History is more or less bunk .’
Namely, that this global warming, de-forestation and pollution stuff is all bunk , the planet has never been in finer fettle etc.