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bungle / неумело
bungle, lubberly, inefficiently
имя существительное
confusion, tangle, mess, mix, jumble, bungle
плохая работа
error, mistake, fault, flaw, fallacy, bungle
работать неумело
портить работу
carry out (a task) clumsily or incompetently, leading to failure or an unsatisfactory outcome.
she had bungled every attempt to help
имя существительное
a mistake or failure, typically one resulting from mismanagement or confusion.
But a minister should also be prepared to accept blame and responsibility for the mistakes and bungles made.
The bungle is attributed to haste and sloppiness.
It has also emerged that the cost of the huge bungle has risen still further, as red-faced officials have warned ministers that they are preparing to write off £14.4m paid out during the fiasco.
Today we know of a new bungle which will deliver an average debt to Australian families of an additional $400 to $800.
a government bungle over state pensions
First, while not unreasonable, the assumption that we would bungle the task of assigning rationality is speculative.
Red-faced council officers claim the bungle occurred only because they were trying to save taxpayers’ money.
She had to be dropped from the newcomer category last month after an eligibility bungle because she had already been shortlisted for best female in 2000, but lost out out to Sonique.
They claim the bungle may have helped to fuel the alarming childhood obesity crisis in the UK and associated problems such as heart disease and diabetes in later life.
The Government, when the bungle was first announced, estimated $500 million.
Sky channel subscribers in York reacted angrily to the bungle , which could have led to monthly payments of £9 being taken out of their accounts for the next two years.