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bungalow / бунгало, дом с верандой, одноэтажная дача
имя существительное
дом с верандой
одноэтажная дача
имя существительное
a low house, with a broad front porch, having either no upper floor or upper rooms set in the roof, typically with dormer windows.
The application was for eight, two storey houses and eight bungalows organised in four clusters.
We had the run of this house, a bungalow with long corridors and lots of weird things to play with and things for us to be told not to touch.
The lodge cottage and the bungalow have been modernised in recent years and could be used for holiday lets.
It smashed through a garage and washroom, split roof timbers in her bungalow , and ended up near her bedroom.
In Wales, Gwent Police said a roof blew off a prefab bungalow in Ringland, Newport.
The new homes will include two bungalows and six semi-detached houses.
The lodge boasts three bungalows and three double suites and can accommodate a total of 12 people at a time.
This development will be of fourteen houses, eight of which will be bungalows along with six two storey dwellings.
She helped collect signatures for the protest petition from the eight houses and 14 bungalows in the close.
The six semi-detached houses and two bungalows are rented and the tenants all have a connection with Bromham.
The bungalows and houses have all been sold from the plans and will be ready at the beginning of next year.