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bung / закупоривать, затыкать, подбить
plug, bung, occlude, plug up, stopper, stopple
plug, caulk, stop up, stop, plug up, bung
имя существительное
bung, cork, plug, stopper, traffic jam, cap
plug, gag, stopper, peg, bung, stopgap
sleeve, hub, bushing, bush, collar, bung
имя прилагательное
dead, off, deathlike, cold, at rest, bung
dead, deceased, died, late, departed, bung
bust, bung, flat-broke
имя существительное
a stopper for closing a hole in a container.
His invention was designed to cut a hole through an existing bung or stopper rather than through the oak barrel head.
close with a stopper.
the casks are bunged before delivery
A piece of the leather bung which plugged one of these was still there, though the design I had seen on it the last time had disappeared.
If the hacker has a conscience - and most do - he will notify the victim and give them a few weeks to bung the hole before publishing his findings on the Web and getting the credit he deserves.
Each vessel was fitted with a rubber bung to accommodate the shoot base and electrodes and to minimize re-oxygenation of the medium by the atmosphere.
A sterile disposable needle was fixed to the syringe, the air in it expelled carefully without causing aerosols and the needle capped with a sterile rubber bung .
Not only does this placement of the connector make it more difficult to plug in an antenna, but it also leaves you with a small plastic bung lying around that you're bound to lose.
The latter is covered with a rubber bung that's nice and snug out of the box, but becomes too loose to be of use once you've uncorked it.
There's also a pretty cool looking power button and a modem socket covered by a rubber bung .
You just turn the taps on if you want a bath, and if you want a shower you push a rubber bung into the tap spout, and the water is diverted up into the shower.
If you're using a barrel, use a silicone or rubber bung with a hole in the center for an airlock that fits the barrel's opening.
Additionally, the Feds sought assurance that the patches MS has issued are adequate to bung the holes without causing problems for the machines they're installed on.