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bundle / пучок, пакет, сверток
имя существительное
sheaf, bundle, bunch, tuft, bun, cluster
package, packet, pack, batch, parcel, bundle
bundle, package, parcel, roll, clot
связывать в узел
bundle, bundle up
собирать вещи
send, refer, send off, dispatch, relegate, bundle
имя существительное
a collection of things, or a quantity of material, tied or wrapped up together.
a thick bundle of envelopes
tie or roll up (a number of things) together as though into a parcel.
she quickly bundled up her clothes
push or carry forcibly.
he was bundled into a van
sleep fully clothed with another person, particularly during courtship, as a former local custom in New England and Wales.
he would dance at country frolics and bundle with the Yankee lasses
If the wine were lousy, no producer could expect a high price for it just because his land cost a bundle !
The letter was thick as a pocket Bible now, a loose bundle of papers bound up with string.
Higher power binoculars are hard to hold steady, and good ones cost a bundle .
the new printer cost a bundle
As we're walking out I see her glance over at a group in the corner, but we bundle out the door pretty fast and I lead her over towards the park.
Granted, there are a lot of extras included with the MSI card, but if dumping the poor game bundle drops the price, we say go for it MSI.
Some of you will also be lucky enough to own your own home, saving a bundle on accommodation costs, particularly if you are able to get flatmates in to share them.
the new printer cost a bundle
After a couple of hours of hard work we sat in the shelter of the storage box on a bundle of wooden stakes to keep our bums from the cold wet ground, drinking lemonade and sharing a muesli bar, surveying our small slice of land.
a bundle of 15 desktop utilities