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bunch / пучок, гроздь, связка
имя существительное
sheaf, bundle, bunch, tuft, bun, cluster
bunch, cluster, raceme, truss, fascicle, fascicule
bunch, ligament, bundle, sheaf, band, copula
сбиваться в кучу
сбивать в кучу
собирать в сборки
bunch, ruffle, shirr
имя существительное
a number of things, typically of the same kind, growing or fastened together.
a bunch of grapes
collect or fasten into a compact group.
she bunched the carnations together
And at some point, my sister collected a bunch of fan letters and sent them to me.
Christo started out wrapping boxes, and then he stacked a bunch of oil barrels on a dock in Cologne, Germany.
Last year, we had a terrific time getting together a bunch of cartoonists - including Scott Shaw!
Rangers are a committed bunch but there is no substitute for playing and they are too shy on football activity in a club chasing the SHC as their priority.
A mass of muscle would pop up: deltoids would ripple, trapezoids bunch and glutes clench.
Why do people feel the need to bunch up at the front?
The bunch of ribbon is pinched at the left side, held with a fake rose.
As Tom and Casey approach the house they notice a bunch of furniture piled in the yard and guess that the family is getting ready to leave.
Mihra took the left group, with her father and with Shanshi, feeling Jare's muscles bunch and stretch with released energy.
I know if we got a bunch of us together, we'd inevitably start pointing out all the tricks, all the secrets, and any kind of narrative flow would be just about impossible to accomplish.