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bun / булочка, пучок, плюшка
имя существительное
bun, roll, cookie, bap, cooky, wad
sheaf, bundle, bunch, tuft, bun, cluster
имя существительное
a bread roll of various shapes and flavorings, typically sweetened and often containing dried fruit.
Good Friday is celebrated with a traditional breakfast of codfish cakes and hot-cross buns .
a hairstyle in which the hair is drawn back into a tight coil at the back of the head.
If local women venture onto the dusty streets at all, they sport ankle-length dresses, buttoned-up blouses and 1930s hairstyles with buns and pompadours.
a person's buttocks.
It takes a very secure individual to call their buttocks, buns .
a currant bun
Lydia Scott smoothed a flyaway strand of hair back into her tight bun .
To keep her hair from falling where it wasn't needed, she had pulled it up to a tight bun and sprayed as much hair spray as the ozone layer allowed.
She was young, only about twenty-two, but the way she wore her blond hair pulled back in a tight bun added years onto her age.
After dressing, Abby dampened her hair, pulling it up in a tight bun and tying a black and white ribbon around it.
Long hair was always swept back into a ponytail or bun , and short hair is just combed into place.
She looked very muscular and in her mid-forties with rich, dark brown curly hair put back in a tight bun .
I quickly pulled my hair into a tight bun , not wanting to bother with a swim cap.
Her hair was no longer in a tight bun , but in a loose ponytail.
Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun , with a few soft bangs curled around, just framing her brow.