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bumpy / ухабистый, неровный, тряский
имя прилагательное
bumpy, rough, jerk
uneven, rough, irregular, bumpy, rugged, ragged
jerky, bumpy, jolty, shaky
имя прилагательное
(of a surface) uneven, with many patches raised above the rest.
the bumpy road
It was a dusty and incredibly bumpy journey to Kabul, along roads whose tarmac had been destroyed by tank treads and missile attacks.
With great relief, I can say we've landed without any mechanical failures, though there were some bumpy patches along the way.
I immediately forgot about the noisy, bumpy minibus journey.
Both drivers were very happy with the car in its Monaco configuration, and we got encouraging results on the tyres, as well as the set-up adaptations required for the bumpy street surface and the new parts on the car.
Leopards, lions, giraffes and hippopotami will parade before your camera lens to turn a bumpy Jeep ride into the trip of a lifetime.
By the time the full disc of the sun detaches itself from the eastern horizon, I can see land, a bumpy darker line above the dark water.
But the view of the spur that separates the Soufriere and Anse Chastanet bays is well worth the bumpy walk.
Sadly there has been an alarming deterioration and £100,000 is to be spent on the bumpy and heavily-sanded surface in the close season in an attempt to put things right.
One experience few will want to recall is that of feeling ill during a bumpy air journey.
What should have been a fast flowing cat-and-mouse chase, with the highs and lows of your stomach on a bumpy sea ride, manoeuvres into two-and-a-half hours of drab mishmash.