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bumptious / самоуверенный, нахальный, самодовольный
имя прилагательное
assertive, confident, opinionated, cocky, perky, bumptious
impudent, cheeky, sassy, brash, cocky, bumptious
complacent, smug, conceited, chuffed, proud, bumptious
имя прилагательное
self-assertive or proud to an irritating degree.
these bumptious young boys today
He came as a bumptious outsider to the Alberta Tories but soon elbowed his way to the top, winning the leadership as a rookie MP.
Graeme Kent tells the story of how more than 30 fighters - the Great White Hopes, though most of them were no more than second-rate brawlers - who tried to dump the bumptious champion on his backside only to suffer that fate themselves.
Personally I deal with bumptious chuckleheads with attitudes like this every day.
This bumptious charlatan then presumes to lecture others on issues of morality and governance.
In fact, they seem determined to recreate the bawdy, bumptious atmosphere of a redneck boozer.
How he could let these bumptious bimbos into his home to slag off and chuck out most of his wardrobe is a mystery to me.
This bumptious bloke is either a nonentity or is likely to be a nuisance - never heard of his name among the boss's acquaintances.
Buster will be in Edinburgh again this year, more bumptious than ever, because the bestseller - as well as being translated into German, French, Italian and Magyar - is now available in Japanese.
And the Jersey driver remains a prominent folk devil all over the Northeast: bumptious , heedless, hostile and barely competent.
We may be perky and bumptious and relatively youthful, but a lot of us are quite tired of working.