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bumpkin / мужлан, деревенщина, неотесанный парень
имя существительное
bumpkin, yahoo, roughneck
redneck, lout, bushman, hick, hillbilly, bumpkin
неотесанный парень
bumpkin, clown, yokel, chaw-bacon, haw-buck
имя существительное
an unsophisticated or socially awkward person from the countryside.
she thought Tom a bit of a country bumpkin
But he was a country bumpkin at heart, already dressed for the weekend in blue overalls, a red plaid shirt, and an old fashioned railroad engineer's striped hat.
Many in his own party regarded him as a country bumpkin who lacked the education and moral character to lead our nation through such a fateful crisis.
The Chinese also have a familiar term for what we would call a hick or a country bumpkin , and that is a xiali Ba ren, literally, a ‘villager from Ba.’
she thought Tom a bit of a country bumpkin
Whether you're a city dweller or a country bumpkin like myself, it seems that we all take pleasure in what nature holds for us.
she thought Tom a bit of a country bumpkin
Sometimes, as in the joke about asking directions from a country bumpkin , the easiest way to get from A to B is not to start at A at all.
Once seen as the tipple for students and country bumpkins , cider is now the drink of the moment.
Subtle changes are taking place, though, in our attitudes towards these country bumpkins .
Although her elder sister Nancy had immortalised their parents as upper-class bumpkins in the Oxfordshire countryside, their background was in fact exotic.