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bumper / бампер, буфер, амортизатор
имя существительное
buffer, bumper, bolster, shock-absorber
damper, absorber, bumper, buffer, snubber, dashpot
имя прилагательное
full of, abounding, abundant, full, rife, bumper
поднимать бокал за здоровье
имя существительное
a horizontal bar fixed across the front or back of a motor vehicle to reduce damage in a collision or as a trim.
After a year, the Ford Aspire had minor changes done in that included new front and rear bumpers , headlamps, turn signals, tail lamps, and wheel covers.
a generous glassful of an alcoholic drink, typically one drunk as a toast.
He who drank a bumper on his knees to the health of his mistress, was dubbed a knight for the evening.
имя прилагательное
exceptionally large, fine, or successful.
a bumper crop
There are whole pages full of Masonic toasts from which the presiding officer could select, and after every one of which a bumper was drunk by the Brethren present.
In 1977 we had a bumper crop, enough for fresh eating and a pie!
front bumper
My friend did not move out of the way fast enough for the horn blowing couple and was actually ‘nudged’ by the front bumper of the car.
In many areas, this year's bumper crop means exceptionally high removal of nutrients.
For example, the filter assembly is placed between the open area between the front bumper and wheel.
Suddenly, within a year, he has me down to shoot my own film, turning script into bumper profit.
It comes on the back of another record, bumper profit result for Qantas.
The front corners are more chamfered, the headlights cut into the bumper , flanking a lower front grille.
According to the Christian Science Monitor, this year also produced a bumper opium crop in addition to a good wheat harvest.