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bumf / туалетная бумага, документы, бумаги
имя существительное
туалетная бумага
toilet paper, bumf, bumph, lavatory paper
card, bumf, bumph
bumph, bumf
имя существительное
useless or tedious printed information or documents.
Now all we have to do a sort out all the junk mail and usual bumph that litters the hall on these occasions.
The press bumf says this lot are going to tour this record; I, for one, can't wait.
This should have secured price cuts averaging 11 per cent for the UK public sector, according to last year's bumf , but we have no idea if this panned out in practice.
I've got a bit of bumf in case of air raids
Apparently (and I paraphrase the bumf from Will's mate Matt) they were for a long time ‘the traditional broad bean-type thingy’ of the area round Bath (Martock being a place near Bath).
I think if I had a catchy e-mail address and glitzy website, I would be flooded with ‘spam’, surveys, bumf about conferences, and students wanting me to do their essays for them.
most of his mail was just bumf, bills, and Christmas cards
In the press bumf it says these guys have a two record deal; let us hope that the label gets some outside talent in to help or dumps this lot.
BT has got a telling off from the Plain English Campaign for using ‘absolutely incomprehensible’ language in its bumf offering 36 ways to pay one bill.
Reading on through the promotional bumf you find that the iPod is versatile: you can listen ‘in the car.’
This and much other fascinating and useful information comes out of this volume often and well, and with little fanfare or bumf , which is nice when reading.