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bumbling / неуклюжий, неумелый
имя прилагательное
clumsy, awkward, bumbling, hulking, lumbering, ungainly
unskillful, incompetent, bumbling, bungling, unskilful, blundering
имя прилагательное
acting in a confused or ineffectual way; incompetent.
he's a bumbling fool
move or act in an awkward or confused manner.
they bumbled around the house
speak in a confused or indistinct way.
the succeeding speakers bumbled
War is, of course, a lot harder to prevent than the hijacking of four large airplanes by nineteen rather bumbling immigrants.
Later, Tom told me I wasn't the bumbling fool I'd thought.
Of course, we should not be too hard on the bumbling loser.
Satan in the cinema is either represented as a hideous special effect or a comic, bumbling trickster.
The cash-strapped, bumbling terrorists decide to mount a production of Hamlet to avoid bankruptcy.
Davis was never comfortable in debates, facing the bumbling Bill Simon only once during last year's re-election campaign.
Thus begins their humorous descent into a bumbling life of crime.
The film sees Rowan Atkinson bringing his bumbling Barclays Bank ad spy to the big screen.
David Wenham plays a knockabout, bumbling political adviser whose life is falling apart.
Three bumbling French thieves with a history of botching jobs (badly) are given one last chance to make good with their boss.