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bumblebee / шмель
имя существительное
bumblebee, humble-bee
имя существительное
a large hairy bee with a loud hum, living in small colonies in holes underground.
The mites don't affect other bee pollinators, such as bumblebees and leaf-cutting bees.
Flowers are pollinated mainly by an anthophorid bee, Ptilothrix bombiformis Cresson, and by a bumblebee , Bombus pennsylvanicus DeGeer.
There were more cries, and then a faint sound like a bumblebee , but lower, and growing louder as if approaching.
Considering that until relatively recently there was no explanation for the flight of the humble bumblebee , this research will greatly expand our understanding of small-scale aerodynamics.
Unlike honeybees, however, bumblebees do not leave their stings behind.
Then they waited to see which shape - hypertubular or flared - was more attractive to bumblebees and ants.
Skippers, bumblebees and hummingbirds know which garden they prefer: They'll flock to a yard full of colorful, nectar-rich flowers.
Black flies, wasps, and bumblebees may be the bane of backyard barbecues, but their keen ability to navigate from potato chip to hamburger to bare arm is the inspiration for a host of robots that may soon be hailed as international heroes.
Mature plants of A.fistulosum (‘Welsh’ onion) flower in spring, attracting myriads of bumblebees and other pollinating insects.
There were just tons of bumblebees out there this spring, when the honeybees were in the hives because it was too cold.
Enclosing bumblebees permits us to control the pollen parent, as well as the female parent.