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bumble / заикаться, путать, запинаться
stutter, stammer, bumble
muddle, muss, bumble, ball up, muddle up, muss up
stammer, stumble, falter, stutter, hesitate, bumble
move or act in an awkward or confused manner.
they bumbled around the house
speak in a confused or indistinct way.
the succeeding speakers bumbled
she watched a bee bumble among the flowers
she watched a bee bumble among the flowers
Highly recommended, other than the slight shock of discovering that that pompous idiot is still allowed to bumble away incoherently in this the 21st century.
Now when he visits my work area, he doesn't awkwardly bumble about with the mail trolley looking flustered.
When he won, the elite questioned whether the college dropout was up to running the country and scoffed at his reputation as a bumbling public speaker, bon vivant and serial womanizer.
His IQ was plummeting at each attempt, so to keep him from reaching zero I slowly edged by as he bumbled around on the roadside readying for another go.
He got up to follow her as she bumbled around the kitchen.
The CIA was not impressed, dismissing the would-be politician as an inept bumbler .
Comments by Lam to the effect that life is a never-ending process of self-examination seem unintentionally at odds with the reality of characters who are bumbling along semi consciously.
Alexander begins the film as a socially awkward scientist, bumbling and sweet, with a penchant for pocket watches and professorish vested suits.