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bulwark / оплот, бастион, фальшборт
имя существительное
stronghold, bastion, bulwark, mainstay, pillar, citadel
bastion, bulwark, rampart
bulwark, gunwale
укреплять валом
rampart, bulwark
служить оплотом
имя существительное
a defensive wall.
After landing virtually unopposed, the Fifth Corps moved toward the San Juan Heights, the principal bulwark in the first of three defensive lines around the city.
an extension of a ship's sides above the level of the deck.
I met with some disaster, lost part of my bulwarks and main top gallant mast but by the blessing of God I was preserved and brought here in safety on the 17th of October…
He was a bulwark for life, he was a bulwark for the sanctity of marriage.
the security forces are a bulwark against the breakdown of society
Thus, the army appeared at the time to be not merely a strong bulwark , not merely a political counterweight to the mass populism of the Hitler movement.
This was aimed at avoiding the conflicts that had led to two world wars in the first half of the last century while, at the same time, establishing a bulwark in the Cold War against the Soviet Union.
It seemed to many that the revered Constitution was really the bulwark of powerful economic interests and, therefore, the enemy of more egalitarian and populist policies.
But although the Bill of Rights seemed a bulwark in defense of free speech, the 1798 Alien and Sedition Acts revealed its continued vulnerability.
From the 1950s, the US supported the Pakistani military as a bulwark in the region, particularly directed against India and its developing alliance with the Soviet Union.
In the Cold War, Western Europe was indispensable as a strategic bulwark for the US.
A nearly 8-inch high bulwark and 28-inch high double lifelines completely surround the deck area.
the security forces are a bulwark against the breakdown of society