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bullish / бычий, играющий на повышение
имя прилагательное
bullish, bovine, bull
играющий на повышение
bullish, bull
имя прилагательное
resembling a bull.
a sketch of his round, bullish head
characterized by rising share prices.
the market was bullish
confident or optimistic about something.
those who are bullish on the nation's economic prospects
As often happens, when the market gets too bullish or too bearish, conditions become ripe for a reversal.
Tegeler deservedly had a reputation as a demanding, bullish man.
The multinationals were more bullish and aggressive in terms of growth and, up to eighteen months ago, SMEs found it more difficult to recruit for executive positions.
Others are being less bullish , but even the lowest forecast puts diesel share at 40 percent.
For instance, the last two weeks could have shown the market to be bullish while the last two years may have displayed a bearish tendency.
Just a year ago it admitted its 1998 China ‘baselines,’ assumptions used to predict Chinese ag imports, had been wildly bullish .
The phenomenon has shown no signs of waning, even during bullish periods in the stock market.
Goodbody Stockbrokers are slightly more bullish and forecast quarterly adjusted earnings of 27.9c per share from revenue of $138.3m.
We'd had a successful year previously, so we were confident and bullish about buying.
That growth was fuelled by number of factors, not least the bullish market, a strong economy and low interest rates on deposit accounts.