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bullhorn / рупор, мегафон
имя существительное
horn, speaker, mouthpiece, bullhorn, trumpet, speaking trumpet
megaphone, bullhorn, speaking trumpet, loud-hailer
имя существительное
an electronic device for amplifying the sound of the voice so it can be heard at a distance.
In the distance, a bullhorn sounded, and we caught our first glimpse of a three-story ship ambling in from the ocean.
Hill could hear Rescorla issuing orders through the bullhorn .
‘Move aimlessly,’ a woman on bullhorn directed, and the group moved on.
As an activist, sticker-plastered bullhorn in hand, he has led hunger strikes and helped organize protests against the National Hydrological Plan throughout Spain.
A young native man stood up in the back of a pickup truck, bullhorn in hand.
He had an amplified bullhorn in one hand and a genuine, polished ram's horn in the other as he improvised chants.
The police are outside, making various demands by bullhorn .
Confident, bullhorn in hand, Nagesh has not strayed from his trademark lack of slick editing and fast camera movements in the sequel.
Rob was still poised uncertainly on the doorstep, held at bay either by Kim's urgent stare or Bill's bullhorn .
This just happened to be Freddy's Dave Duncan day, and with bullhorn in hand Double D would have been proud.
A man called out to her, his voice distorted by the bullhorn he was using.