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bullhead / подкаменщик, болван, тупица
имя существительное
bullhead, miller's thumb
boob, blockhead, doodle, dummy, loggerhead, bullhead
jerk, dunce, dullard, schmuck, numskull, bullhead
имя существительное
an American freshwater catfish with four pairs of barbels around the mouth.
In Florida, the diet was comprised mainly of fishes, with gizzard shad, bullhead catfish , and small bluegill particularly common.
a small, mainly freshwater Eurasian fish of the sculpin family, with a broad flattened head and spiny fins.
Johansson and Englund studied a waiting game between bullheads (Cottus gobio; a predatory fish) and case-making caddis fly larvae.
a North American water lily with globular yellow flowers.
The Menominee believed that the bullhead lily was a powerful medicine.
All but five of the species (brown bullhead, yellow bullhead , white sucker, American eel, and banded killifish) described in this article were uncommon in northeastern lakes, occurring in 8% of sampled lakes.
Finally, there's a shot of my two daughters, arms around each others’ necks, proudly displaying a puny little bullhead that got tangled in their line while fishing off the Berkeley pier.
The state's inland lakes and streams also teem with fish, including panfish, gamefish, and bullhead , catfish and carp.
It has been suggested, by Marconato et al., that the male river bullhead is forced to eat the eggs simply in order to stay alive while brooding.
The usual length of this moderate-sized bullhead is 20 to 36 cm.
Most of the fish collected were small (such as sunfish and minnows), but taxa collected also included redhorse, bass, and bullhead .
Banded killifish, American eel, and yellow bullhead were collected in 26%, 19% and 17% of sampled lakes respectively.
The 40-mile stretch of the River Ure includes important game fisheries with trout, grayling and even salmon, but there are worries that many less well-known species such as the ruffe and bullhead are in decline.
Fortner and Pickford found that cortisol increased plasma chloride levels in hypophysectomized black bullhead , and that both prolactin and cortisol were necessary to maintain normal ion homeostatsis under isosmotic conditions.
The Menominee believed that the bullhead lily was a powerful medicine.