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bullfight / бой быков
имя существительное
бой быков
bullfight, bullfighting, corrida, tauromachy
имя существительное
a public spectacle, particularly in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America, at which a bull is baited in a highly stylized manner and then usually killed.
No bulls are killed during the bullfights ; instead, toreros show their bravery by closely engaging the animals with their ponchos, jackets, or homemade capes.
The tour guide tells us the rules of the bullfight , about famous bullfighters, and a story of a cow that sought revenge for her slain bull-son, only to be killed herself.
Each bullfight comprises six bulls and three matadors, each of whom fights two bulls.
Four years later, in the large bullring at the town of Puerto de Santa María, near Cádiz, he faced six bulls in a bullfight fought in honour of women.
International cricket has thus turned in to one mega batting-fest: the contest is as unequal as a bullfight where the bull's horns have been sawn off.
At the beginning of the bullfight , or corrida, the torero sizes up the bull while performing certain ritualized motions with his cape.
A bullfight now is sheer spectacle and, with six bulls dying in less than two hours, a desperately cruel one at that.
Each representative is obliged to provide a band, abundant supplies of maize beer and alcohol, food, two bulls for the bullfight , and prizes for the best toreros.
In Greece for example, killing the minotaur is symbolic of a bullfight .
The short story also foreshadows Hemingway's fascination with blood, spectacle and bullfights .
This out of an estimated 20,000+ bulls killed annually in bullfights throughout the country.