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bulletproof / пуленепробиваемый, пулестойкий, не пробиваемый пулями
имя прилагательное
bulletproof, shot-proof
не пробиваемый пулями
имя прилагательное
designed to resist the penetration of bullets.
a bulletproof vest
The president wore a bulletproof vest and spoke at a podium that was protected by bullet-proof glass.
About 100 journalists and spectators watched the proceedings from behind a bulletproof glass window.
Protective gear has been provided, and it is appropriate for officers to wear their bulletproof vests.
For most of us, bulletproof vests are not worth the cost and inconvenience.
The shortage of those bulletproof vests has almost certainly cost several American lives.
It is a neighborhood in which the local Burger King has bulletproof glass.
It's been suggested that the silk would be more effective than Kevlar in bulletproof vests.
Horrigan only survives being shot by Leary because he is wearing his bulletproof vest.
He, like Andrew, had selected a police standard bulletproof vest for protection.
Officers are sent to patrol the area in bulletproof vests.