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bull / бык, самец, бугай
имя существительное
bull, ox, pier, beef, neat, beefs
male, buck, bull, cock, mate, male beast
имя прилагательное
bullish, bovine, bull
играющий на повышение
bullish, bull
bull, bovine
повышаться в цене
advance, bull
спекулировать на повышение
поступать бесчеловечно
имя существительное
an uncastrated male bovine animal.
bull calves
a person who buys shares hoping to sell them at a higher price later.
The key to capturing those returns: Approach the stock market as a bull but without expecting the wild growth that used to power your portfolio.
a papal edict.
Taking no chances, the pope issued a papal bull automatically excommunicating any printer who might make an alteration in the text.
stupid or untrue talk or writing; nonsense.
much of what he says is sheer bull
push or drive powerfully or violently.
he bulled the motorcycle clear of the tunnel
(of a cow) behave in a manner characteristic of being in heat.
Cows are coming back bulling as they should and are showing very strong heats, he said.
имя прилагательное
(of a part of the body, especially the neck) resembling the corresponding part of a male bovine animal in build and strength.
his bull neck and broad shoulders
He is 33, a short, stocky man with a bull neck, a round head, and a freshly scrubbed demeanor.
He went there, had a little bit of a photo-op, made a little bit of a quip that he thought that he had seen a lot of bull in Washington, but he certainly was seeing a lot more there.
There were no calving problems except with one set of twins (a bull and heifer calf).
A papal bull of 1145 encouraged this kind of regional pilgrimage to Pistoia by urging Tuscan bishops to promote travel to the relic.
Soon after arriving he had Phang Lamphoon mate with Phrai Num Sek, a bull elephant he described as a magnificent animal with a fine, strong and healthy form.
Ramona's father was a wild bull elephant whose name and whereabouts are unknown.
In 1452 the Bishop of Rome spoke out and gave his official blessing in a papal bull .
the pope issued a bull of excommunication
Although not a native animal, the bull has, after five centuries, become fully integrated into the indigenous world.
We have had a 13-month bear rally that has just about turned every analyst and investor into a raving bull .